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Fay Page

Shell Guide & Brand Development

How do you add creative value to a successful jewellers brand communications?

Fay Page and her team design and hand craft beautiful jewellery, inspired by their spectacular island home on St. Martins in the Isles of Scilly. Everything is crafted in their workshop by the sea.

Our relationship with Fay has grown from helping redraw and add consistency to her set of brand marques, to designing a tactile shell guide to capture her complete shell inspired jewellery range. The guide had to reflect the craftmanship and beauty of her work and act as a useful reference for her loyal customers and collectors. A sensitive, elegant design using high end print stocks and foils to add a quality to match the incredible skill and craft of Fay and her team.

This then grew to us designing a set of simple retailer name plates to give her a greater brand presence in retailer windows and jewellery display stands. A simple wooden block that captures the subtle St. Martins island silhouette.

What we did

  • Brand Development
  • Editorial Design
  • Print Management
  • Project Management
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“We love working with Honest! We’ve worked on a couple of projects so far but I know we’ll continue working with them. Dan and Jon have a great understanding of the concerns when running a small business and were so supportive throughout the whole process. They are humble, honest, creative and open to ideas and suggestions, they truly listened to our needs as the client. As soon as one project finished we were thinking of the next to take to them.”
Fay Page
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