Brand Identity

How do you rename and rebrand a successful and well loved hospital charity?

The charity needed to form a greater connection with the City of Bath and its surrounding areas. Positioning themselves at the heart of a wider community, not just within the hospital. Taking them forward to start a new chapter and realising their aspirations to become a brand that leads, not follows; setting the tone within the healthcare charity sector.

The new strategy, name and brand identity needed to capture and reflect the charity’s newly defined purpose, values and vision to their community, supporters, donors, staff and patients. An inspirational and inclusive identity that delivers a flexible tone to engage with anyone and everyone.

Our solution was to focus on the narrative of growth and doing more for everyone. Developing a tone of voice focused on a sense of going above and beyond.

The 'more' theme running through the visual and verbal aspects of the brand identity. Always feeling positive; getting to the heart of what something is really about. Emotional not functional. Empowering, supporting, improving and growing people and place. That’s the power of doing more.

What we did

  • Naming
  • Research
  • Brand Identity
  • Project Management
  • Copywriting
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Magazine
  • Merchandise


  • Strategy – The House
  • Copywriting – Yarn
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“It was a joy to work with Honest Studio throughout the whole creative process, and we are extremely happy with the results. They listened to us every step of the way, they were happy to collaborate with our strategy partner, and we’ve been impressed by their creativity to create a bold and beautiful brand, not only do we love it, but our supporters do too! I would highly recommend working with them.”
Sally Hearn-Smith RUHX Marketing & Comms Manager
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