Self-Made Identity

How do you engage and inspire an ambitious young creative audience?

The Self-Made series of events aim to support 18-30 year old creatives, looking to make a career out of their talent. Helping them with the practical aspects of being a successful stand alone artist. With sessions and workshops across a broad range of practical subjects, from brand identity to personal tax and digital marketing.

We were tasked with creating a credible, slick and cool identity that sat comfortably within the existing Roundhouse brand identity. Our solution was a simple, bold typographic identity. Working with a strong, playful tone of voice and touches of iconography to add personality.

What we did

  • Visual Identity
  • Copywriting
  • Illustration
  • Animation
  • Print Management
HS RH Self Made 01
“Honest Studio did a fantastic job of bringing the Self Made Series to life. They created something that not only makes great use of our brand and feels very Roundhouse but that also feels very current, youthful and playful. Perfect for our target audience!”
Faye Daniels Marketing Manager
HS RH Self Made 02
HS RH Self Made 03
HS RH Self Made 04
HS RH Self Made 05
HS RH Self Made 06
HS RH Self Made 07
HS RH Self Made 08